Following the lifting of restrictions by the Government, we would like to reassure all our patients that the way we interact with you will not be changing. All staff and consultants will continue to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing, and we require our patients and visitors to do the same, so that we are all protected.

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Why We're Different

  • Access to a team of specialist bariatric nurses – expert medical advice and regular medical reviews
  • Access to the hospital out of hours service
  • Access to a dietician - expert nutritional advice on making the most of the procedure you have chosen to have
  • 2 x-ray adjustments and up to 6 clinical adjustments
  • Access to your surgeon as clinically indicated
  • Access to support groups for patients
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BMI charts

You can check your BMI using a BMI calculator, the BMI formula or a BMI chart. The decision is down to your individual preference.

A BMI calculator computes your BMI value and will usually indicate the category your BMI falls into. If you use the BMI formula, you’ll need to be able to interpret your BMI figure. You may think that using a BMI chart will be complicated but in fact it’s simple and useful as it gives a visual illustration of your BMI in relation to the general population. BMI charts and tables often also indicate the weight category you fall into. 

The are many different charts and tables available online. Below is an example of one. It gives an easy to use BMI range so that you can see immediately what your BMI is and your weight category using your height and weight.

BMI table

BMI Table

Firstly, you find your height in the left hand column and then follow it over to find your weight. You can then follow this figure up to see your BMI value and your weight category. For example, if you are 60 inches tall and your weight is 118 pounds, you can follow that up to see your BMI is 23 and you fall into a normal weight category.

Here is another colourful BMI chart for women and/or BMI chart for men that allows you to use either metric or imperial height and weight measurements to find your BMI and weight category. This is shown below. It displays BMI as a function of weight on the vertical axis and height on the horizontal axis and uses colour coding for different BMI categories.

BMI Chart

Again it’s simple to use. You find your height on the bottom and your weight at the sides (on the BMI graph) and then follow each until you find their meeting point and this is your BMI. The colour coding helps decipher your weight category.

We can use the same example as before, of 60 inches (5 foot) in height and a weight of 118 pounds. On this chart you will see that weight increases in twenty pound increments. So for a weight of 118 pounds the nearest column is 120 pounds. You should follow this down and find that your BMI is 23 and within the healthy bmi chart. You could use a BMI calculator or BMI formula to find out exactly what your BMI is.

Interestingly charts and tables allow you to see whereabouts within your weight category you fall. In the working example you can see that you would sit towards the upper end of the healthy weight category. With this information, it may be then useful to monitor your BMI regularly to ensure you don’t fall into the next category of being overweight.

BMI charts and tables provide useful diagrams to help you monitor your BMI and easily see your BMI weight category. This information offers you a guide to your weight category and may prompt you to make appropriate lifestyle changes as necessary.

Are You Eligible

Are You Eligible?

Weight loss surgery is performed to control weight. There are two basic ways that weight loss surgery works to help patients lose weight and improve both physical and lifestyle conditions.

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Benefits of Surgery

Weight loss will improve the physical and lifestyle conditions associated with being overweight.

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How Are We Different

How Are We Different?

We know how hard the fight with obesity is...members of our team have had the surgery themselves and therefore our multidisciplinary team can talk from real life experience about weight loss surgery.

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Your Aftercare

Your Aftercare

We invest heavily in resources for our post operative care. Feel safe in the hands of our specialist multi disciplinary team.

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Benefits Of Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight loss surgery is the first part of a long process, aftercare is the key to success. Support is ultimately the one part of the journey that truly does make a real difference.

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Weight Loss Prices

Weight Loss Prices

Weight loss surgery is the first part of a long process, aftercare is the key to success. Support is ultimately the one part of the journey that truly does make a real difference.

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