Why Ramsay Imaging?

Ramsay Imaging offers a mobile MRI and CT scanning service, providing a diagnostic scans of the highest quality and at a competitive price.

 At Ramsay Imaging we have a bank of 5 MRI scanners and a CT scanner that scan at many Ramsay Hospitals up and down the UK. These scanners are manned by a careful selection of qualified, highly trained and experienced staff. We carry out a wide range of procedures, using constantly monitored protocols to ensure the images acquired are the very best for each patient we scan. A quality assurance test is completed on each scanner daily to ensure that the scanners are working at their optimum level, providing the highest quality diagnostic images.

 Our scanners are compatible with the RIS/PACS system that is currently being rolled out in Ramsay Hospitals; this means that referring consultants can easily access their patients’ scans on their computer screen.

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