Aftercare only service

Weight loss surgery is the first part of a long process, aftercare is the key to your success. Support is ultimately the one part of your journey that truly does make a real difference to your end goal.

If you have had surgery elsewhere and have no aftercare or your existing package has come to an end then you can choose to pay as you need for your adjustments. 

Pay as you go aftercare

Weight loss surgery is the first part of a long process. For gastric band patients, adjustments are a big part of your aftercare and key to your success. Support is ultimately the one part of your journey that truly does make a real difference to your end goal. 

Following your surgery you may already have an aftercare programme that includes your gastric band adjustments. However, if you do not have these included we may be able to offer you a gastric band adjustment service only.

When it comes to adjustments we do follow a strict protocol – to protect you and keep you (and your band) safe. A full medical assessment will be required prior to your band being adjusted. Some patients need 2 - 3 adjustments before they feel restriction, others may need 5 or 6, every patient is different.

Initial medical
Clinical adjustments
X-ray adjustments 
(if requested)
Price dependent on location
*Includes an adjustment if clinically indicated

All adjustments (other than an x-ray) will be carried out clinically by a member of our specialist nursing team in one of our consultation rooms (our protocol must be followed).

Following any adjustment you will be asked to follow a regime of: 

  • Three days of fluids
  • Three days of a soft diet
  • resume normal eating of textured foods on the 7th day.

Some patients get very anxious as they feel no restriction,  when indeed, you may still be in the soft phase -  day (4 or 5) and therefore may not feel any difference until day 7.

Please don’t panic. Give yourself time, be patient and ‘listen’ to your band.

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