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Conversion Surgery

Conversion Surgery

Surgery patients are not always successful in reaching their weight loss goals. 

Reasons for post-operative weight loss failure can include problems with the original surgery, as well as the patient’s inability to comply with necessary life style changes. 

We work with patients who have already had weight loss surgery but are looking for another solution as their original surgery has not been a success, for whatever reason. 

Preventing complications, managing complications and managing patients post operatively are all equally challenging aspects of care to us. We can offer one to one consultations to patients with post-surgery weight loss failure to discuss conversion surgery further. 

Patients are screened carefully to determine cause of failure and are medically evaluated prior to any further surgery taking place.

Would you like to know more about Conversion Surgeries? See our links below:

Visit our blog for more information about weight loss surgery.

For gastric conversion costs visit our weight loss surgery prices page.

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