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Gastric Balloon support and follow-up

As the gastric balloon procedure is different to other weight loss surgeries, the recovery period is much less.

Once you’ve had a gastric balloon fitted your aftercare and actions are important. These will influence how fast you recover and how much weight you lose. You should ensure that you are ready and willing to change your diet and lifestyle and that you have as much motivation as possible. You must be able to commit to a long term weight management plan in order to succeed.

We offer you specialist support. It’s also valuable to have the support of the people around you to help during times when you may lack motivation or when you are feeling slightly down.

At Ramsay Health Care you will have access to a multi-disciplinary team including specialist bariatric nurses for expert medical advice and regular medical reviews and bariatric nutritionists offering knowledgeable nutritional advice on making the most of your gastric balloon procedure. We will call you weekly for the first eight weeks to encourage and support you. We arrange monthly one to one consultations to monitor your progress. 

We hold regular support groups for you to attend. These are designed to provide our patients with information on changing their lifestyle before and after their gastric balloon or chosen weight loss procedure. Attendees can share their experiences, feelings and concerns, and openly discuss ideas and support each other. Our support groups often provide a new network of friends with a common goal for patients.

We recommend that you keep your own personal record of your weight loss journey to refer back to and to celebrate your achievements.

Removal of the balloon

After six months you will have your gastric balloon deflated and removed. This will be done as it was inserted, via the mouth, and again complications are rare. You may experience similar discomfort to what you experienced when the balloon was fitted, but your specialist team will be on hand to assist in this.

You will be offered an aftercare program once the gastric balloon has been removed. You will still be required to attend regular follow up appointments to follow your progress.

Life after the removal

Once your gastric balloon is removed it’s hoped that you will continue your weight loss program and follow the same healthy balanced diet and exercise regime as you did with your balloon. The balloon is there to help teach portion control.

It may be that the gastric balloon is part of a two part surgery, helping you achieve a lower BMI which is acceptable for a different weight loss surgery such as a gastric bypass.

Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss Surgery

If you have succeeded in losing substantial weight you may now be left with excess folds of skin and cosmetic surgery may be the only way to help reshape your body and complete your weight-loss journey. Loose skin can cause distress, hygiene and medical problems such as infected sores and rashes and it can limit your mobility.

We recommend that you wait until you have reached your weight loss goal and your weight loss has stabilised before you seriously consider this option. This will also give your skin chance to shrink as much as it can.

If you would like to know more about your cosmetic surgery options after substantial weight loss then please contact us and we will discuss your options in more detail. 

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  • Access to a team of specialist bariatric nurses – expert medical advice and regular medical reviews
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