Review, follow up and support

Regular follow up appointments – we’re here to support you throughout your journey

Regular follow up appointments will help you keep motivated and also prevent problems occurring. At these appointments you’ll be encouraged to share your feelings and any problems you’re encountering with us so that we can support you throughout your weight loss journey.

Your post-operative review with your bariatric surgeon will be two to six weeks after surgery. You will see your surgeon several more times in the first year after your gastric sleeve surgery. For the duration of your aftercare you will have monthly review appointments with our multi-disciplinary team to help keep you on track, monitor your weight loss success and assess any further need for support.

We monitor weight loss using specific scales that will let us know your body fat percentage, proportion of body water and fat free mass (e.g. bones, muscle). Regular observation of this data allows us to monitor your weight loss in a more meaningful way than standard measurements such as BMI (Body Mass Index). For example, if you continue to control your food intake and start exercising then your muscle mass may increase, as muscle weighs more than fat, and this may show in the form of a slower weight loss when in fact this is excellent work and should be commended.

You must remain committed to following your new diet. As your weight loss allows you to become more active you’ll be encouraged to review your lifestyle to become more active and healthier all round.

We recommend keeping your own personal diary to refer back to and so you can celebrate the fantastic achievements you’ve made.

Support and contact numbers

We hold regular support groups and all our patients are welcome to join. These support groups are available both pre and post operatively and we provide evidence-based behaviour modification advice.

Our support groups offer patients a forum to meet others who are also having weight loss surgery, who will understand and maybe experiencing many of the things you are going through on your rollercoaster weight loss journey. In this forum you have the opportunity to discuss difficulties, tips and share concerns with a supportive network of friends.

Regular weight loss surgery support group participation has been found to lead to more weight loss.

Cosmetic Surgery after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Following gastric sleeve surgery you’ll lose a substantial amount of weight of around 60 percent of your excess body weight. This is a fantastic achievement but it often leads to excess skin that you may feel is unsightly, it may cause rashes and you may have problems maintaining hygiene between the skin folds.

Eventually, once you’re weight loss has stabilised and you’ve reached your weight loss goal, you may want to consider having cosmetic surgery to improve your body’s appearance and/or for medical reasons.

We are a leading provider of cosmetic surgery in the UK so if you want to consider this option in more detail we will be more than happy to discuss it further with you. 


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