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E-Cigarettes and Young Adults

  • Fri 19 Jan 2018

Research shows that young people may lead into smoking tobacco due to e-cigarettes.

Tips on Starting a Fitness Regime

  • Tue 16 Jan 2018

Here are a few tips on starting a new fitness regime and adopting a healthier lifestyle

Poor diet responsible for one in five deaths

  • Mon 25 Sep 2017

A global study has found that poor diet is a factor in one in five deaths worldwide

Vitamin C could treat blood cancer

  • Wed 13 Sep 2017

A worldwide study has found that injecting high doses of vitamin C could slow the progression of blood cancers such as leukaemia.

New Hospital Opens

  • Mon 11 Sep 2017

Ramsay Health Care is delighted to announce its new day case hospital in Croydon opened today.

Sleep problems linked to ADHD

  • Thu 07 Sep 2017

There is a link between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and disturbed sleep patterns, according to research from The Netherlands.

Breakthrough in cure for the common cold

  • Wed 16 Aug 2017

Researches have made a significant breakthrough in the search for a cure for the common cold.

Lifestyle changes could prevent dementia

  • Wed 26 Jul 2017

A new international report says that lifestyle factors, such as smoking, physical inactivity, social isolation and hearing loss, can play a major role in increasing someone’s risk of developing dementia.

Eating tomatoes could help cut skin cancer

  • Tue 18 Jul 2017

Research on mice has found that eating tomatoes every day could cut the development of skin cancer tumours by half.

Gender-specific treatment could help depressed adolescents

  • Fri 14 Jul 2017

Brain imaging research has provided evidence that males and females experience depression differently.

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