New gastric balloon service at Cobalt Treatment Centre in Newcastle

Most of us have tried dieting, joined a group, attempted exercise but more than likely the early enthusiasm fades and the weight slowly and surely comes back on with interest.

It is not easy to lose weight on your own and the team at Cobalt is here to help and support you - we are not promising a quick and easy fix for your weight problem; there is no magic wand to simply take the problem away. What we do offer is the expertise of our team who are experienced in delivering a wide range of bariatric services, including gastric balloon procedures, within the North East of England.

The Cobalt Treatment Centre will be one of the first health care providers in the North East area to offer a gastric balloon service for private patients. The gastric balloon procedure is suitable for people with a BMI of 27 plus and involves a simple endoscopy procedure.

At a free Information Evening the specialist team will talk about the new gastric balloon service, what is expected of you and how our dietitians and counsellors can help you take control of your weight to achieve your goal. Research shows that  patients lose between 15-20kg on average over the 6 month period and also tend to maintain their weight loss over a longer period of time compared to diet alone.

The service is Consultant-led, delivered locally, supported by a team of specialists with expertise in weight loss and is designed to kick start your weight loss.

To find out more about our gastric balloon service or reserve your place at the Information Evening call 0191 2703 256 or email:

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