Over 700,000 women have ‘hidden’ cancer risk

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With the news that more than 700,000 women across the UK could be living with a ‘hidden’ breast cancer risk, isn’t it time you became proactive and got yourself checked? 

The Breast Cancer Campaign says women who are deemed to have ‘high breast density’ are at a significantly higher risk of developing the disease than others.

A woman is classed as having a high density when there is more collagen and glandular tissue, compared to fatty tissue, in her breasts.


Baroness Delyth Morgan, chief executive at the Breast Cancer Campaign, says the best weapon in overcoming breast cancer is the ability to stop the disease occurring in the first place. To do this, we need better ways to identify who is most at risk.

Getting screened for cancer and early discovery can also help increase the chances of beating it. Ramsay’s private hospitals offer a range of cancer screening and diagnostic procedures.

For breast cancer, a mammogram can takes only a few minutes and can provide your doctors with important information about your breasts and can pinpoint any changes in the breast tissue - often before you would notice any changes yourself.

They will show up both cancers and deposits of calcium, which can also be an early indicator of breast cancer developing.


A clinical trial has revealed that 8.3% of women aged 47 to 75 are deemed to have a high breast density. The charity said that based on population estimates, 721,187 women fall into this category.

The research has also highlighted that women with the highest density are up to five times more likely to develop breast cancer than women with low density.

Baroness Morgan says the emerging evidence on risk factors must be taken into consideration and more must be done.

The charity has commissioned research exploring whether monitoring a woman's breast density could help determine if she would benefit from risk-reducing treatment such as preventative drugs.

It also hopes that a pilot looking into whether or not incorporating information about breast density should be included in the NHS Breast Screening Programme will begin in the coming years.

Visiting Ramsay

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