Ramsay Health Care Limited Impact Report 2020

21st October 2020 

Ramsay Health Care is committed to delivering high quality health care services, long-term sustainable growth and shareholder returns. The Board recognises the importance of good governance in achieving these corporate objectives, in discharging its responsibilities to all stakeholders and in executing the broader role of Ramsay Health Care as a good corporate citizen.

As a global company, employing over 77,000 staff and caring for over eight million patients each year, we recognise that we have an enormous responsibility to ensure we are maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety and sustainability. The Ramsay Way philosophy: “People Caring for People” is the foundation of how we operate and our people are central to this. It is vital that we are living The Ramsay Way values, having it guide the decisions we make, through the services we deliver and through our interactions with all our stakeholders.

While we are well on the way to becoming one of the largest and most successful private hospital operators in the world, we also have a vision to be one of the world’s most respected companies and to this end, we take a leadership role in shaping the world that we live in through our focus on delivering quality healthcare; our people; our environment, good corporate governance and societal issues at large.

This report contains information about the way Ramsay Health Care operates to ensure we are a sustainable and responsible business. This report covers our material sustainability issues that could influence the value Ramsay Health Care creates for our stakeholders over the short, medium and long-term. Information contained in this report covers, unless otherwise stated, the 2020 financial year ending 30 June 2020. This report provides an overview of the performance of our operations in Australia, Continental Europe and the United Kingdom and our joint venture in Asia. The report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards: Core option and has been informed by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) health care sector guidance.

Download the Ramsay Health Care Limited Impact Report 2020 here.


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