Ramsay's Unsung Heroes

Ramsay's Unsung Heroes, who without realising, are doing things which are admired and appreciated by their colleagues and friends every day.

The Yorkshire Clinic Stores Team
The team are extremely hard working and have kept our hospital running behind the scenes without a single complaint. The team have completely changed the way they work to accommodate the staff at The Yorkshire Clinic and have done so with a smile on their faces, we wouldn’t be able to get through this difficult time without all their hard work and dedication ensuring we have everything we need to stay safe. Thank you to Oliver, Adnan, Stephen and Dave.
Nominated by Natalie Feather & Diane DeAngelis (Clinic Bookings)

The Springfield Porter Team
Our porters have been working tirelessly, moving huge amounts of furniture and whole offices to enable social distancing, whilst seeing a reduction of half their team. They are always helpful and nothing is too much trouble, working many additional shifts including the opening and closing of our Oncology Centre at weekends and bank holidays to facilitate work from the local trust. Thank you team!
Nominated by Sarah Hayto, Operations Manager

Julia Redman, Outpatient Manager, Berkshire Independent Hospital
Julia has delivered training to all staff at The Berkshire Independent Hospital on Infection Prevention, PPE and Safeguarding over the last few weeks. All staff are now 100% compliant thanks to Julia’s dedication and hard work. She has adjusted her own work rota to accommodate early mornings and evenings to ensure delivery of training to staff working shifts. The standard and quality of Julia’s training is exemplary. We would like to say a huge thank you.
Nominated by Jacqueline Capel, Head of Clinical Services

Elouise Pitchford (Ellie), Finance Manager, Woodthorpe Hospital
Ellie has recently joined us at Woodthorpe and has already contributed hugely to supporting our staff wellbeing, at a time when it is most needed! Ellie is genuine and caring and has brought some great ideas around focusing on mental health awareness. She has great knowledge on this topic and has a passion for people. We are so happy she has joined the team!

Samantha May Wong (May), NHS Urology Secretary, New Hall Hospital
May has devoted her free time to sewing scrubs, scrub bags and masks for the local community, including local GP surgeries plus staff members within the New Hall family, all whilst caring for her 2 young children and doing her normal office hours too in these challenging times. She has also used her artistic talent to decorate windows in the office to put a smile on our faces, and to encourage others to be creative too. Over the past few months, she has been co-coordinating an office tuck shop, to raise money for the local NHS hospital charity, and we have been able to send them a donation of £50. May is definitely an unsung hero in our eyes.
Nominated by your colleagues in New Hall Hospital Bookings and Business Office Team

Lena Willis, Care Assistant, Gardens Neurological Centre
Lena always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She is always there to help no matter how busy she gets, and really boosts the whole team whenever she is in. Lena does a lot of things day to day that can go unnoticed but make the whole day a lot easier for everyone else. We wanted to say a huge thank you to Lena and remind you to actually take your break! The residents here all love you and it’s clear to see why as you always show such compassion and kindness in everything you do.
Nominated by the whole Gardens team

Kevin Thornton, Physiotherapy Manager and Tom Hammon, Physiotherapy Assistant, Horton Treatment Centre
Kevin and Tom have both stepped in to different roles during this time to help in our stores department. Tom is helping the stores assistant, and Kevin has taken the role of the PPE stock alongside his own role. They have got on with the job and kept me updated whilst I am shielding away from work. I am amazed how people are just helping in every area without any fear for themselves, every single one of the Horton Team are unsung heroes in my eyes.
Nominated by Patsy Rolfe, Supplies Manager

Valerie Richardson, Catering Manager and the TVH Catering Team, Tees Valley Hospital
The catering team have looked after the staff at TVH throughout this difficult period. They have provided lunches, making our working day easier. They also catered for a VE day afternoon tea for the full hospital, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, a big thank you from us all.
Nominated by the Outpatients Team

Joe Dolan, Theatre Stores, Ashtead Hospital
Joe has gone above and beyond and offered to collect consumables from other hospitals when the need has arisen at the drop of a hat. He is always happy to help and no problem is too small. Thank you Joe.
Nominated by the Theatre Department team

Sadie Magee, Fitzwilliam Hospital
In addition to nursing patients at Fitzwilliam Sadie Magee has been making drain bags and pillows for cancer surgery patients for them to use at home. Sadie has also been making gifts for staff and is always lifting spirits.
Nominated by Jane Groom Head of Clinical Services

Karen Holland, Head of Clinical Services, Fulwood Hall Hospital
Karen has always proven to be a tremendous support right across the Hospital. During these unprecedented times not only has Karen provided her usual high level of support to the team but she has put processes and systems in place to enable us to undertake a range of new procedures and services. Thanks to Karen’s total dedication and ‘can do’ approach she has done all this with a determined and positive mind frame which has enabled us to find workable solutions to overcome barriers and establish the new services quickly.
Nominated by the Fulwood Hall Team

Group Business Administration Team
Being both fairly new to the team, we are so enamoured at how Ian Wilcox, Ian Martin, Jane Archbold and the rest of the team continue to keep momentum going. There has never been a dull moment during our lockdown and although the humour has been very dry at times, it sure does lift our spirits and makes us smile. We have been so well supported by everyone on the team and their enthusiasm never wanes. We are proud to be part of a superb and dynamic group of individuals who have risen to the challenges, all for the benefit of the wider business.
Nominated by Amanda Ratcliffe & Melanie Holmes

Woodland Hospital Team
As a Hospital, we would like to nominate our teams who are continuing to support the NHS. A number of our clinical teams (from nurses, healthcare assistants, pharmacist technicians to physiotherapists) are visiting and swabbing residents in care homes as well as providing infection control and PPE training to care workers. Every day, the catering team send them off with a nutritional pack lunch as they tour the county and try and protect the most vulnerable members of our community. We also had members of the team deployed to the local Trust’s ICU, caring for COVID-19 patients. We are extremely proud of all of them as they showcase the Ramsay values of teamwork and ‘People Caring for People’.
Nominated by Woodland SLT

Julia Cavanagh, Ward Manager, Duchy Hospital
Julia has showed amazing support for all the team here at Duchy over the past two months, with staff going in different directions to NHS hospitals and with a full redeployment of the Lowen Ward to the Duchy. The ward has filled with patients who are very unwell and Julia has had to make the hard decision of what staff to re-deploy to St Michael’s Hospital to work within the NHS. Her first priority is the health & wellbeing of her staff and is always there for us 24/7. Julia has not only supported the ward team, but she has extended support to all other departments within the hospital. Her endless commitment to all the staff goes above and beyond her job role and her management skills have kept us supported and safe throughout a difficult few months. Thank you from your forever grateful team for all you do for us.
Nominated by the entire Duchy Ward Team

Julie Esprit, Head of Clinical Services, Boston West Hospital
Boston West would not be the same without our Head of Clinical Services, Julie. Throughout this worrying time the majority of the hospital staff have all been redeployed. Julie has continued to communicate with our team and been available 24/7 on the phone for absolutely anything. She works incredibly hard even on her days off. Julie always puts her team first and has really gone the extra mile to make sure her staff are supported and as safe as possible.
Nominated by Jenny Griffiths, RGN

Lisa Powell, Hospital Director, West Midlands Hospital
Lisa has led the cluster so well in such challenging times; she has remained positive and upbeat throughout the journey and has offered continuous support to all of us. Lisa has helped us all see the positives in what has been such a challenging situation for all, whilst retaining some fun and a sense of humour. She has made us all laugh every day! Thank you Lisa!
Nominated by your colleagues in the West Midland Cluster

Dawn Chapman, POA Manager and Infection Control Lead, New Hall Hospital
Dawn has gone above and beyond in ensuring that infection control practices have been implemented and embedded at New Hall whilst running a very busy POA department. She has provided excellent training in donning/doffing/social distancing/infection control to all staff in a way that can be understood by everybody but also provided practical advice to reassure and support staff regarding the use of PPE. The POA department is currently the busiest department in the hospital and has been effectively and efficiently managed so that all patients are triaged and contacted/listed appropriately. Patients have also commented on how grateful they are for the call from POA staff to reassure them about their impending procedures.
Nominated by Deborah Stott, Head of Clinical Services

Adele Miller, Breast Care Nurse, Fitzwilliam Hospital
Adele has been working hard to ensure patients receive lifesaving treatment by working in collaboration with ‘Future dreams’, a charity that provides help, support and care packages for patients following surgery.
Nominated by Jane Groom, Head of Clinical Services

Michael Kay, Recovery Lead, Springfield Hospital
I wanted to thank you for releasing Michael to us during the last few weeks. He came to us when things were at their worst and his help has been absolutely invaluable. He hit the ground running as no one had much time to orientate him as we normally would and he has always just got on with things. He has always been completely flexible around shifts and we are full of admiration for the number of shifts he can work without any deterioration in his performance or standards. We’re very grateful that you thought of us!
Nominated by Chris Hooper, Head of Clinical Services, Critical Care at Whipps Cross Hospital

Jaci Evans, HR Coordinator, Mount Stuart Hospital
Jaci’s acts of kindness are relentless, she always smiles through the most challenging and upsetting of situations and brings strength, insight and hope to all of the problems that land at her door. Jaci is a kind and thoughtful individual who always thinks of others before herself, so I would like to take a pause to appreciate and celebrate our lovely colleagues!
Nominated by Ema Procter, Operations Manager

Jo Murphy, Physiotherapy Manager, The Yorkshire Clinic
Jo has worked tirelessly through this testing time as we have had to seek different ways of working. As a physio team we have had to diversify our skills and move out of our scope of practice into screening, temperature testing and drive through COVID swabbing. Jo has worked with us and been so supportive every step of the way. She has constantly had to problem solve and has been on hand to answer our questions at all hours whilst continuing the day to day running of the department. She really is our unsung hero.
Nominated by the Physio Team at The Yorkshire Clinic

Mount Stuart OPD Team
Thank you to the OPD Team at Mount Stuart for being so responsive and enthusiastic in getting the COVID-19 screening station up and running in such a short period of time. The station is now embedded in our practice of keeping our patients safe.
Nominated by Gerry Ambrose, Head of Clinical Services

Ramsay Mobile Diagnostics Team
I would like to nominate and send may extreme gratitude to all the staff working for RDUK - our mobile scanning team. They are currently travelling over 200 miles to work shifts out of region, staying away from their loved ones for several days per week. They are working at different sites to normal and all have taken this in their stride, to support the imaging needs of NHS patients now in the care of Ramsay, both on our mobile scanners and within static centres. Thank you team!
Nominated by Jill Kellett-Wild, Clinical Lead North - Mobile Diagnostics

Bev Macauley , GP Liaison, Fulwood Hall Hospital
Nothing is too much trouble for Bev - and no problem is unsurmountable. Bev does all she can to support the operational team in the delivery of the new services we are currently providing in partnership with the Trust, and she does this with zeal and efficiency. Bev promotes a positive image of Fulwood Hall and has supported with communications to the consultant body and GP community during the current crisis to ensure they remain fully engaged, fully informed of all that is going on at Fulwood Hall and aware of our future plans. Most of all Bev has been the glue that has held us all together as one cohesive, strong and positive team during the current pandemic crisis - with her warmth, positivity, innovative ideas and excellent communication skills.
Nominated by Margaret Ann Worrell, Hospital Director

Sylvia Pascoe, Ward Clerk, Duchy Hospital
Sylvia started working at Duchy Hospital as a housekeeper many years ago before becoming a Ward Clerk. Due to the recent shortage of staff in the housekeeping department, she has stepped into the frontline as a housekeeper once again. This has enabled the existing housekeeping staff to keep to their contracted hours as they had to work overtime just to keep the department running. Sylvia had no hesitation in putting the patient’s first and providing the patients with a safe and clean environment.
Nominated by Angie Ellis, Ward Team Leader

Stephen Tolomeo, Stores Manager, Clifton Park Hospital
Clifton Park Hospital has recently taken responsibility for the safeguarding and storage of large quantities of PPE equipment for multiple sites across the group. Steve has risen to the challenge of accepting and logging all deliveries and managing the storage of this vital equipment. He has also co-ordinated the redistribution and delivery of stock to ensure teams in hospitals across the country are protected. Thank you Steve!
Nominated by Ceri Morgan, Hospital Director

Helen Routh, Operations Manager, Tees Valley Hospital
Helen is our Mental Health First Aider, and throughout the COVID period has recognised the potential vulnerability of our staff by supporting us and ensuring that everyone has had access to one of her mental health awareness sessions. Uptake has been high with staff reporting how grateful they have been to be able to share experiences and importantly take away tips to help recognise when their colleagues or themselves may be struggling, and how to sign post them to help. In addition, Helen, together with Dani Headlam, GPL have created a wonderful wellbeing room, dubbed our “little place of calm” and we appreciate the recently gifted care package from our corporate colleagues to make this even better.
Nominated by the Tees Valley Team

Annette Hemming Allen, Clinical Quality Partner, West Midlands Cluster
We would like to nominate Annette for her incredible support at this current time. Her knowledge has been incredible, her support is always on hand, and her sharing of information has been outstanding. She has been at the end of the phone for us all, offering wise words, and has been a calm support in these challenging times. She has offered a different perspective and way of looking at things when the decisions have been tough. We cannot thank Annette enough for the support and kindness she has offer to us all at The Westbourne Centre. Thank you!
Nominated by The Westbourne Centre Team

Kerry Williams, Private Patient Manager, West Midlands Hospital
We recently had a patient that wanted to be seen as a self-pay patient who was worried about having cancer. Kerry advised the patient around access and got him seen in the local NHS Trust. She liaised with the patient and the Trust and the patient was seen within a few days. The patient has written to us a lovely email saying how thoughtful Kerry had been and how she followed him up to ensure he had been seen. Kerry absolutely goes above and beyond in ensuring patients get what they need, wherever they need it.
Nominated by Lisa Powell, Hospital Director

Emma Hession, Staff Nurse Ambulatory Care, West Valley Hospital
Emma volunteered to be redeployed to Croydon University Hospital as part of the COVID-19 response looking after seriously ill patients. Her dedication and bravery during this unprecedented time are admirable. She has put a lot of passion into going above and beyond for the patients while being redeployed. I am very proud of you Emma!
Nominated by Sarah Falkland, Staff Nurse

Simon Hughes, Facilities Engineer, Springfield Hospital
Simon’s workload has dramatically increased during these difficult times with an increasing range of requests from all of the departments across Springfield Hospital. In addition, he has kept control of ongoing works including refurbishments to the ward and imaging departments. Despite this he is always on hand to offer advice and support, he remains calm and positive and nothing is too much trouble. Thank you, we really appreciate everything you and the Engineering Team do!
Nominated by Sarah Hayto, Operations Manager and Katheryn Hobbs, Governance Facilitator/IPC Lead

Natalie Bhakri, Mand Smith, Anna Pryor, Jill Rogers and Abiola Adebayo, Pinehill Hospital
Members of the team from Pinehill stepped in to ensure the staff on the RDUK MRI and CT scanners were educated in the use of Adrenaline in case of an emergency following the withdrawal of Adrenaline Auto injectors from healthcare professionals as part of clinical governance MHRA. The team have developed and delivered excellent training for our RDUK radiographers on anaphylaxis: including what is anaphylaxis, how to recognise and to treat anaphylaxis, and practical training on how to draw up adrenaline from ampoules and how to give an IM injection including competency assessment. There have been two successful training days and this has now been rolled out to the rest of Ramsay.
Nominated by Shirley Bishop, Head of Clinical Services

Duchy’s Deployed Team
It was so totally uplifting to receive an email from the Governance lead at St Mikes, for our deployed Duchy ward team “I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that your staff are absolutely fabulous. They have all come and absolutely embraced all the chaos and just rolled with it. They have been a real credit to you and Duchy hospital.” Big shout out for the deployed Duchy teams!
Nominated by Louise Rowbotham, Hospital Director

Teresa Trimbell, Theatre Nurse, Euxton Hall Hospital
Teresa has personally (hand sewn) drainage bags for the breast patients to take home. They are individually designed and the patients are extremely pleased with them as we do not have anything similar to give them for the ward. There is also one for any men who may also go home with a breast drain. Very thoughtful.
Nominated by Linda Donaldson and all the EHH ward staff

Kathryn Hobbs, Infection Prevention Control Lead, Springfield Hospital
As our infection, prevention control lead, Kathryn’s work has underpinned our hospital response to working safely in these unprecedented times. Kathryn has spent hours ensuring all our protocols make us well prepared and able to deliver care in our partnership with the NHS in the fight against COVID-19 and always with a big smile on her face! Thank you so much.
Nominated by the team at Springfield Hospital

Daniela Neves, Ward Sister, North Downs Hospital
During these uncertain times, Daniela has gone above and beyond to help theatre staff feel reassured with the possible transition from theatre to the ward department. She has dedicated her personal time developing guidance through teaching sessions and has been a calming influence throughout this process.
Nominated by Karenza Lewis, ODP/Deputy Theatre Manager

Mel Robinson, Staff Nurse, Fulwood Hall Hospital
Mel is a highly regarded member of our night team. Totally dedicated to her role for us here at Fulwood Hall and a huge support to her colleagues and indeed all those who she cares for. During the pandemic, Mel has proven to us all that she really does have a great big heart of gold. For the duration of the pandemic whilst still working full time, she has started to knit beautiful pairs of matching hearts to be given to patients in Intensive Care over at our Local Trust Hospital. These beautiful hearts fit snuggly into the palm of your hand and whilst one of the matching hearts stays with the patient, the other is sent home with their next of kin keeping them in some way connected and providing a thoughtful type of support. Mel has so far knitted 13 pairs of hearts and continues to carry on this beautiful initiative for those in Intensive Care and their families.
Nominated by Karen Murray, HCA

Katy Johns, Ward Lead, Clifton Park Hospital
Katy joined the team here at Clifton Park at the end of January just a few weeks before the outbreak of Covid-19. She has thrown herself into the role wholeheartedly and her sunny character is a breath of fresh air, keeping her team members upbeat and motivated during these difficult times. The pandemic has led to a change in cohort of patients for her team and she has ensured the relevant processes are implemented; staff are trained and feel confident in providing the necessary care to support the needs of the patients from the Trust.
Nominated by the team at Clifton Park Hospital

Jemma Morcom, Cardiac Services Manager, Duchy Hospital
Many of Duchy’s ward staff have been redeployed to the local trust and the Duchy ward is currently delivering a specialty not usually offered here; that the ward is now staffed by a combination of trust and Duchy staff and staffing levels are under pressure. Jemma is a very experienced Cardiac Physiologist and whilst she has always worked closely with ward colleagues she has never worked as part of a ward team as she is currently. Despite all of this, in these strange times Jemma has had no hesitation in putting herself forward to work on the ward as a HCA utilising her patient observation, communication and general caring skills; she even worked a night shift over a weekend to make sure all colleagues were supported and patients could be cared for safely. As the manager of a team she has actively encouraged her own team to put themselves forward too. Ramsay values in action #working together #caring
Nominated by Debby Blease, Head of Clinical Services

Pinehill Housekeeping Team
The housekeeping team at Pinehill have excelled by ensuring the hospital is kept spotless. Words and phrases used to describe individuals within the team include ‘always smiling, calm and happy’, ‘hard working, conscientious and reliable’ and ‘gives her heart and soul to get the job done quickly efficiently to a very high standard’. The high housekeeping standards were recently recognised when the theatre department had its annual high clean. The high cleaning company lead stated that the theatres at Pinehill were the cleanest they have ever seen! Thank you team.
Nominated by Chris Burrows, Hospital Director

Preston Northwest Hub Delivery Drivers
Usually delivering medical equipment to the NW cluster, our drivers are now also transporting essential PPE to Ramsay Hospitals all over the country. From Cobalt in Newcastle Upon Tyne to The Berkshire Independent Hospital in Reading, and numerous hospitals in-between. They have also transported ventilators and beds, all this on top of their normal duties. Nothing is too much trouble as they want to keep the Ramsay hospitals running and all staff safe. Thank you to everyone at the NW Hub.
Nominated by Deborah Robinson, Decontamination Manager (NW)

John Gurrin, Theatre Manager, Duchy Hospital
In his usual quiet, unassuming way John has supported the redeployment of the majority of the Duchy theatre team to one of the local Trust sites. John has helped them acclimatise to working from a different locale and in a different culture; helped them ease into one new team combining the two organisations teams and kept them calm (mostly), as well as sharing knowledge skills and improved efficiency processes and practice with the Trust’s team. Due to the unexpected absence of the Trust’s theatre manager he has now taken on that role for the theatres on that site. Thank you John!
Nominated by Debby Blease, Head of Clinical Services

Julie Glover, Operations Manager, Rowley Hall Hospital
Julie has co-ordinated the new build at Beacon Park from initial ground breaking to now receiving deliveries and ensuring Beacon Park is fully functional and operational in preparation to support the NHS. Julie has personally dealt with many conflicting challenges along the way, which goes unnoticed by many. Julie’s hard work, strength and resilience is a credit to Ramsay Health Care.
Nominated by Mike Perks, Finance Manager and Rebecca Cockerton, Head of Clinical Services

Dr Graham Jones, Consultant Anaesthetist, Fulwood Hall Hospital
Dr Jones was nominated by several members of the theatre team for the extraordinary support that he has given the team during these strange and challenging times. From the outset of the COVID crisis, Dr Jones has provided the team with superb guidance and support and adapted admirably to the changing landscape, keeping patients and the team safe at all times. Working diligently and in a patient focussed manner Dr Jones is not one for accepting credit, praise or being made a fuss of, so this recognition for him is so very well deserved.
Nominated by The Fulwood Hall Theatre Team

Megan Craven, Patient Administrative Team Leader, The Yorkshire Clinic
Following the outbreak of COVID, Megan has worked tirelessly to develop and manage new administration processes supporting the successful transfer of the Chemotherapy service from our local Trust. Megan has worked closely with Acute Trust colleagues to utilise Yorkshire Clinic theatres each week, liaising with patients and Consultants to ensure the seamless transfer of urgent surgical patients. Megan has consistently gone above and beyond to provide a streamlined and efficient administration pathway for our patients.
Nominated by Helene Delaney, Bookings and Reception Manager

Gemma Frost, GP Liaison Officer, Oaks Hospital
Gemma is a one-woman whirlwind; she has dedicated herself to ensuring #TeamOaks is as supported as possible during these difficult times. She started with the Oaks Hospital positivity tree - a place where members of the team can send positive messages to each other. Then she created the Oaks Hospital rainbow pin, a design that has now been picked up by the entire organisation. She has also retrained as both a porter and a member of the catering team in the hospital, supporting teams as needed. Frosty continues to keep #TeamOaks smiling, thank you for everything.
Nominated by Amy Simpson, Hospital Director

Rivers Imaging Team
The CT team at Rivers led by Kathryn Nash and Danielle Wilkie are performing CT on vulnerable patients often undergoing cancer treatment. They should be commended for constantly adapting processes in line with ever changing guidance, and managing patients with signs of COVID-19 in a professional manner.
Nominated by Sharon Holdsworth, Imaging Services Manager

IT Team
The IT team have had a lot of challenges over the last few weeks linking in with the NHS, as well as trying to do their day job and maintain project progress, trying to undertake the majority of this work remotely where possible. The team are always incredibly helpful, polite and positive led by Simon Dent. Thank you for your support.
Nominated by Gill Noble

Payroll Department
It is appreciated that their workload has dramatically increased during these difficult times, however despite this they are always on hand to patiently answer our queries and offer us support (often with last minute issues). We would like to thank each and every one of them.
Nominated by Lorraine Adams and Alison Crisp (The Dean Neurological Centre)

Kareen Jones, Head of Patient Services
Whilst Kareen has been personally self-isolating, she has continued to provide remote support to many teams within Ramsay; we don’t know how she has enough hours in the day! Her knowledge, clarity, pragmatism, kindness and complete desire to help everyone has been exceptional and inspirational. Kareen’s sunny character is a breath of fresh air on a daily basis for all she speaks to, and she keeps in contact with so many people to ensure they are ok, provide support and make sure everyone is connected with the wider business.
Nominated by colleagues in the Corporate Marketing Team

Ross Finch, Head of Digital Marketing and Baba Adewuyi, Senior Intranet Architect
Ross and Baba have both worked tirelessly rebuilding the Occupational Health intranet site, initially as a home for new guidance and material. At very short notice, they were asked to set about constructing a new Wellbeing portal with newly produced material aimed at providing help and support for Ramsay staff and managers as they face the COVID-19 challenge. Given our business model, geographical spread and remoteness from each other as workers, this Wellbeing support could not have been delivered without them. Thank you for their professionalism.
Nominated by Kerry Trow, Occupational Health Manager

Darren Brooks, 3rd Line IT Engineer
Darren has worked for Ramsay for 15 years and has looked after our network and integrated various services in IT so Ramsay can access NHS services. Darren’s tireless determination and help in getting NHS services working with Ramsay during this pandemic is commendable. He has helped to devise solutions on a very technical level, and has been key in setting up the networks so we can truly assist the NHS. He has assisted many of us in IT on all networking issues and requirements but more so than ever as we try integrate IT systems around the country. Thank you Darren!
Nominated by Jason Turner, IT Specialist Support

Pamela Smalley, Outpatient Health Care Assistant, Euxton Hall Hospital
Despite anxieties in the current situation, Pamela recently performed CPR on a member of the public. Pam’s commitment to the nursing profession should be commended, attempting life-saving CPR at a time when many would hesitate to act. Well done and thank you Pam, from all the staff at Euxton Hall Hospital.
Nominated by Dawn Sumner, Head of Clinical Services

Beck Hobson, Theatre Porter, Springfield Hospital
Beck has been working 6 days a week recently coving sick leave. He has been working alone on days when the hospital has been full, conveying approximately 30 patients a day, and always with a smile on his face, thank you for your support Beck!
Nominated by Sharon Wilmot, HCA

Alison Pontillo, Reception Lead, West Midlands Hospital
West Midlands are looking after patients who are having chemotherapy, and many have to travel further distances than they are used to. A patient mentioned to Alison that it was costing them £25 each way by taxi and they need to come twice a week. Alison did some research to find out if this patient would be eligible for NHS transport and how to organise it. After many phone calls talking to numerous people from different places she managed to arrange regular transport for this patient and even the journey home that day. This is typical of Alison’s thoughtful caring nature.
Nominated by Karen Humpage, Outpatient Manager

Fiona Rushmer, Physiotherapy Manager, Ashtead Hospital
Fiona has a respiratory background having worked as an ITU physiotherapist in the past. From the start of this crisis, a number of staff across the hospital departments have been ill with COVID-19 symptoms. Fiona offered to perform lung function tests on the affected staff on their return to work, and taught us breathing exercises to improve our lung capacity. Every time Fiona sees around the hospital she reminds us to continue our breathing exercises. Fiona was also asked if she would consider helping by sharing her respiratory knowledge with the other physios around the Ramsay Group. She didn’t hesitate, and with the help of Helen Price, she has produced a 30 minute educational video and support notes which contained advice on e-learning materials, patient information leaflets, and simple but very effective breathing exercises and techniques which can be used with patients and staff alike. These have now been shared with all physios and are available on the COVID-19 SharePoint site. Fiona has gone above and beyond her usual role in an effort to help her fellow colleagues across the Group, and we feel lucky to have the expertise at hand.
Nominated by Jo Houghton, Ashtead Outpatient Manager and Ruth Saunders, Clinical Safety Officer

Brogan Sargerson, Second Chef, Mount Stuart Hospital
Brogan is a bright, calm and confident character, her personality and her enthusiasm has been noticed by many Ramsay staff outside of the catering department and they have made a point of sharing this with me, in the current situation this is even more noticeable. In recent weeks Brogan has led the kitchen in my absence, and it has been impressive the way she has adapted and handled herself. We have had daily morning updates over the phone and nothing has phased her, the trust I have gained from Brogan’s ability to manage the role she has been doing has made her a valued team member. She recently baked cookies for a local foodbank supporting families in need, a wonderful contribution gratefully received. Brogan’s ability to take on instruction and then deliver what has been asked of her in this current situation and in such a short time after taking on her new role has left no doubt in my mind that she has a great future with Ramsay.
Nominated by Darran Bowen, Head Chef

Sam Loring, OPD Administration Assistant, North Downs Hospital
I was asked to call a gentleman patient who recently saw a Consultant in OPD. His wife, also one of our patients, attended the appointment with him. He wanted to convey how impressed he was with Sam’s caring, attentive and thoughtful behaviour towards himself and his wife during these challenging times. She offered to pick up their prescriptions from the chemist and drop them to his home which is in Godstone, not just around the corner! She also volunteered to bring any provisions they needed. They declined at first but then said bread and milk would always be appreciated. When she dropped these at their house, she also included some eggs and would not take any money for them. The patient went on to say, how wonderful it was to have staff like her working for North Downs and what a credit she was to the company.
Nominated by Monica Clarke, Hospital Director on behalf of the OPD team

Bernie Plume – Activities Facilitator – Gardens Neurological Centre
Berni is so passionate about her job, always giving 100% and having the resident’s best interest at heart. She supports family members, is never too busy to sit and listen and offer support. At this time she is also working nights at the weekends to support the floors. Her energy and commitment is amazing. Well done and thank you for all you do.
Nominated by Susan Crane, Activities Facilitator

Hadi Kamagtey-Peshcel – Team Leader – Jacobs Neurological Centre
Hadi and her Jacobs team have been nominated for an unsung hero award, the team signed up for overtime shifts and supported staffing shortages on other units. They always work with a smile for their residents and go above and beyond to make lockdown easier for everyone.
Nominated by Deborah Haylett, Senior Clinical Manager

Martin Camm – Theatre Porter – Winfield Hospital
Martin is currently working as a theatre porter at Winfield Hospital and has been brilliant in supporting us at The Dean in getting rooms rapidly refreshed, painted and fit for purpose in readiness for a raft of new residents arriving. He has worked so hard and we’d like to thank you for everything he has done - with humour, with creativity and tenacity (especially when trying to get every drop out of paint tin)!

Jason Dash – Maintenance – The Dean Neurological Centre
Jason has been serenading the residents with his guitar and singing skills (which we didn’t know he had until very recently). It has made a real difference to our residents to hear live music from golden oldies to a bit of Ed Sheeran! Lots of tapping fingers, toes and nods, thank you Jason.

Natt, John, Marisa, Esme, Tanish, Alison and Heather – Porter and Cleaning Teams – The Dean Neurological Centre
Thank you to all our porters and cleaners who never cease to amaze us with their continued enthusiasm, dedication, sense of fun and hard work in helping our clinical teams make a real difference with care. The teams have been incredibly responsive in keeping us on track with PPE deliveries, plus the day to day “stuff” that goes on in readiness for new residents arriving. They are a brilliant team and any requests are met in a “can do, will do” manner. They truly are our behind the scenes hero’s and heroine’s. Thank you so much for all that you have done in helping us to keep COVID-19 out!
All nominated by Sue Field, Centre Director - The Dean

Jan Matin – Head of Clinical Services – The Yorkshire Clinic
Jan is our modern day ‘Florence Nightingale’, she always stays positive and puts staff and patients at the heart of everything she does. She has ensured that processes are implemented; staff are trained and prepared for the changes in the cohort of patients received at The Yorkshire Clinic, and possible changes to their roles whilst supporting our local NHS Trust. Jan is a role model for all, always has a smile on her face and a listening ear; she truly represents the Ramsay Values. Thank you Jan for all you do for us.
Nominated by Julia Atkinson, Governance Administration Coordinator

Gemma Wisdom – Radiology Manager – Euxton Hall Hospital
Gemma has mobilised the imaging part of the NHS breast cancer service really quickly. The Trust Consultant Radiologist was so impressed with the images that Gemma produced; he took them back to the Trust to show their imaging team how great images can be. A great recognition of our radiology team and well deserved.
Nominated by Dawn Sumner, Head of Clinical Services

Hazel “Spurs” Freeman – Physiotherapy Department Receptionist
Hazel constantly goes above and beyond in supporting the Physiotherapy team, she strives for consistency, is efficient and incredibly hard-working on a normal day, but particularly so during the current climate. Our patients absolutely adore her and she is always raising morale amongst the staff with a joke and a smile, even though there has been a lot of uncertainty and an ominous cloud over the whole country during this global pandemic. You just can’t keep this lady down. From myself and all of the Physiotherapy team at Woodland Hospital, thank you Hazel for being a beam of positivity in these trying times.
Nominated by Stephen Crook, Physiotherapy Assistant

Kevin Smith – Maintenance Engineer – Fitzwilliam Hospital
As Kevin’s Manager, I am classed as high risk and so work from home. Although Kevin is semi-retired, he has stepped up to the task and is now working all the hours he can to cover not only the Fitzwilliam but Boston West Hospital with the help of Arun George Porter. Between them they are doing an outstanding job providing cover and 24/7 on call for as long as this situation remains. Kevin’s wife Sal retired from nursing few years ago but has also returned to Peterborough City Hospital to carry on working in the ICU department with full on COVID-19 patients. Kevin and his wife Sal truly deserve the appreciation for doing their part beyond what is expected.
Nominated by David Baynham, Hospital Maintenance Manager.

Kerry Trow – Occupational Health Manager
As well as providing support and advice to Ramsay teams, Kerry has gone above and beyond to ensure the resources, tools and strategy are implemented to support the business. It has been an extremely busy and relentless task throughout and yet he still has time for his team members whenever needed, and has brought out the best in his team throughout this stressful period. Without Kerry and Paul Lightfoot’s unconditional support, our team would not be in the position it is now.
Nominated by Julia Brooks, Occupational Health Co-ordinator

Gael Ogunyemi – Hospital Director – West Valley Hospital
Since Gael started she has gone over and above to make sure all her staff are happy in their roles, taking time to get to know them and motivating when necessary encouraging them to get the most out of their careers with training and development that is available from Ramsay. She has remained steadfast in her belief that we as a team and family we will not only beat this disease but will triumph as a unit. We have many of our staff re-deployed to NHS hospitals and other Ramsay units which under normal circumstances could cause fragmentation but Gael’s attitude and caring disposition will never allow that to happen. If ever there was a person that depicts our motto ‘Ramsay People Caring for People’ it is our amazing Hospital Director.
Nominated by Diana Niland, Head of Clinical Services.

Carla Gabbot – Senior Supplies Co-ordinator – Fulwood Hall Hospital
The lack of PPE stock has caused concerns and anxieties across Ramsay, but our very own Carla really did think out of the box in regards to eye goggles. Carla discovered that our local Wickes site still had a small supply of the type used by builders and decorators etc. On a Saturday morning, Carla went to collect them and to her absolute delight not only did they insist the hospital was not charged for the goggles but they included aprons, shoe covers and lots of protective kits. Carla’s attitude to everything is always to go above and beyond.
Nominated by Fulwood Hall

Gill Noble – EPR Training Manager
As a home based worker and with normal working being put on hold at this time, this can make you feel very isolated. Gill has made sure we are all feeling ok, keeping us involved in everything she is doing, and has weekly check in calls with us on an individual basis, alongside our team video calls. She is so caring looking out for us, the wider project team and her family (who were self-isolating for a few weeks). A true inspiration and someone I am so grateful to call my boss, now more than ever.
Nominated by Ali Ward, EPR Trainer

Samantha Lathan – Imaging Department Manager – Tees Valley Hospital
Since joining the Tees Valley team, Samantha through her determination has succeeded in building a reputable imaging department which I feel needs recognition. Samantha has been selected for the Aspiring Leaders Programme, volunteers to help in other departments and still upholds her work-life balance. We are all only human but at times Samantha is superhuman and is an inspiration to her staff and a credit to Ramsay Health Care.
Nominated by Louise Shuttleworth, Radiographer

Team Nominations
Duchy Team – nominated by Julia Cavanagh, Ward Manager
Winfield Physiotherapy Team – nominated by Mary Dredge-Bulless, Physiotherapy Manager
Springfield Ward Team – nominated by Janine Pitts, Ward Admin Lead and Caroline Taylor, Ward Sister
Renacres Theatre Team – nominated by Vera Cabral, Senior Clinical Manager
The Yorkshire Clinic Housekeeping Team – nominated by Nikki Camden, Housekeeping Team Lead

Carmen Edward, Supplies Assistant - Horton Treatment Centre
I would like to say particular thanks to Carmen Edwards, Supplies Assistant who has ‘stepped up to the plate’ ensuring we are fully stocked, following her line manager having to self-isolate at home. All of our Horton team are going ‘above and beyond’ for their colleagues, their patients and Ramsay Health Care. Thank you very much - your efforts really are appreciated at this difficult time. We will get through this together #TeamHorton!
Nominated by Paul Byrne, Hospital Director - Horton Treatment Centre.

Sarah Banister, Ward Manager - The Yorkshire Clinic
Sarah is going above and beyond for her staff, those who have been told they need to self-isolate have received a card from her, she has said we can message her at any time for anything, she’s working so hard and always keeping staff up to date with everything that is going on and she still always makes time to ensure the staff are doing ok. Thank you Sarah, you’re our unsung hero!
Nominated by Amanda Thompson, Healthcare Assistant.

Claire Taylor, National Enquiry Centre Manager
Claire is long overdue a huge round of applause! Claire is always calm, has an open approach and always understands. She manages a complex range of diverse needs within the team and assists all of the Ramsay UK facilities where she can - always with a smile. She never minds out of hours contact from the team managing the logistics of flexibility and needs like an Airforce 1 Captain, all in her stride! The COVID-19 situation is yet another change greatly impacting on the NEC. Claire takes a challenge and makes it an opportunity to help, she is truly an inspiration. Her constant support and presence is fantastic, never putting herself first, she deserves much acknowledgement for going above and beyond to help her team and Ramsay Health Care. Thank you Claire for all you do for us.
Nominated by Penny Reid, Senior Enquiry Advisor and Nicola Gaskell, HR Co-ordinator

Elaine Parker, Therapy Manager - Duchy Hospital
In these uncertain times, Elaine has been a truly courageous and supportive leader. She has supported her team physically and emotionally, kept us updated in a calm and positive manner, and will be working alongside us in a new team, at a NHS site in a different part of the county. Elaine (alongside John Gurrin - Theatre Manager) have embraced this change, are moving with us to our new environment, which in normal circumstances would be a huge challenge, but at this time of anxiety about our own health, the health of our families and colleagues; without their support it would have been overwhelming to many of us. I would like to say a huge thank to Elaine and the whole Duchy team. Everyone, from the top to the bottom on site have pulled together to support one another from every department across every role, with care and compassion.
Nominated by Sarah Gibson, Senior Physiotherapist.

Sue Harvey, Ward Manager - Woodthorpe Hospital
Sue has turned herself inside out trying to assess and triage patients from our local Trust, as well as re-tasking members of staff with pre-existing skill sets to help her team out on the ward with patients and still run the ward. Great job, Sue. Well done.
Nominated by Paul Sykes, Senior Operating Theatre Practitioner.

Jane Benson, Theatre Manager - Exeter Medical Centre
Jane has been so caring and thoughtful during this unusual time. Taking time to reassure everyone and going that extra mile when people need it. I had to self-isolate for a week due to having COVID -19 symptoms and although I am not in Jane’s team, she took the time to contact me every day and offered to drop anything off that I needed. Jane has been a pillar of strength to everyone here at Exeter Medical always keeping calm and positive with a reassuring attitude, even though as a theatre manager the pressure on her must be immense. Jane deserves to be recognised as an unsung hero.
Nominated by Heidi Hibbs, Reception Team Leader.

Viv Heckford, National Director of Clinical Services
During these incredibly unsettling and challenging times, Viv consistently ensures all teams within the hospitals have clarity and guidance as to the management of this crisis. Against constantly changing and sometimes contradictory guidance from Government and healthcare bodies, Viv’s regular Coronavirus Updates provide absolute clarity and assurance. The information is shared with our consultant body who also hold it in very high regard and indeed find it so useful they make a point of sharing the updates widely with their non-Ramsay colleagues. The information from Viv has a very positive “human” impact. Anxieties exist right across the hospital on both a professional and personal level, but Viv’s re-assurance and guidance gives confidence and hope to all. Thank you Viv for your dedication and for working tirelessly on our behalf.
Nominated by all of the North West sites.

Barbara Stringer, Assistant Chef - Fulwood Hall Hospital
The hospital decided it would be lovely to have some artwork on the corridors to brighten the spirits of the team. Our Assistant Chef, Barbara Stringer, suggested we could ask the children and grandchildren of those who work at the hospital to paint a rainbow! After only a few days the corridors of the hospital are now beautifully adorned with over 200 posters of around 60 different designs received from all across the community. Many contain gorgeous messages of support and thanks, and are a constant morale boost to the hospital team. Barbara told us ‘I have to admit, I do get a bit teary when I walk around the corridors and see so many beautiful rainbows! The staff really do love them!’
Nominated by Fulwood Hall.

Lesley Godleman, Theatre Manager - North Downs Hospital
After coming down with the COVID-19 symptoms, Lesley rang every day to see how I was doing, she supported my family speaking to my husband and giving sterling advise, she also offered to do shopping etc as we were all in self-isolation. Without her kind reassuring words, and a pinch of reality in a very scary situation we do not know how we would have kept a level head. Her kindness shows no bounds. Lesley is a shiny star in a very cloudy sky.
Nominated by Dawn Bateman, Theatre Administration.

We would like to nominate the Housekeepers of Renacres Hospital and of all Ramsay hospitals as some of our unsung heroes. At this difficult time, more than ever, they work tirelessly every day with extra efforts to ensure the cleanliness of the Hospital is kept at its best at all times, as well as being in the “hidden” front line as they clean up patient bedrooms.
Nominated by Vera Cabral, Senior Clinical Manager at Renacres Hospital, Halsall

Lee Currivan
My ‘unsung hero’ nomination is my manager Lee Currivan, she truly goes above and beyond, no task is too hard, she is a true inspiration, she always checks her team is okay, her door is always open, she is really easy to talk to. No problem is unachievable. Through this tough COVID-19 situation, she has managed to keep her team together and get the job done. And the job was tough, but we are managing to get it done. She deserves so much appreciation.
Nominated by Lucy Pearson, Bookings Team at Rowley Hall, Stafford

Ana Maria Constantin and Evelyn
I work in the night team, and we have been a bit short of staff due self-isolation for some but we continue to work hard to provide good care for all our residents. I really would like to nominate two of my colleagues: Ana Maria Constantin and Evelyn. Ana Maria has been doing lots of overtime, she did so much for the residents and she is always happy to help everyone, she is fantastic. Evelyn has good skills for this job and she is always smiling, no matter how hard we work, she is positive and very nice.
Nominated by Laura Montero, Healthcare Assistant at Gardens Neurological Centre, Sawbridgeworth

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