Robotic surgery arrives at Ramsay Health Care UK

Ramsay Health Care UK Group Hospitals and OR Productivity are pleased to announce the first national agreement for the provision of the FreeHand robotically controlled camera holder to be made available for minimally invasive (Keyhole) surgery throughout Ramsay hospitals in the UK.

OR Productivity will provide robotic arms to the hospitals together with a full training programme.  This will be rolled out throughout their network of 35 hospitals over the next twelve months.  

The FreeHand robotic arm allows the surgeon to control the telescope and camera used in keyhole surgery by movements of his/her head.  This gives the surgeon a very steady view, often removes the need to have an assistant holding the camera and has been shown to shorten the overall length of surgical procedures.

Charles Ranaboldo, Group Medical Director of Ramsay Healthcareand a lead practicing  keyhole surgeon, commented ‘We are delighted to collaborate with ORP on this product which helps us to operate more efficiently, enabling us to deliver a better service and improve patient outcomes.  RamsayHealthcare remains committed to utilising medical technology to enhance the service we offer to our patients.’ robotic surgery

Jeremy Russell, CEO of OR Productivity stated ‘We are delighted to have such a collaboration with a world-class company such as Ramsay HealthcCare UK.  We will be working hard to ensure that all the training and installation of units is completed in a timely manner and look forward to bring in other innovative and bring other cost-effective products to Ramsay HealthcCare in due course’

OR Productivity is a UK based Medical technology company focused on bringing devices to the market that are used to diagnose and treat disease in the least invasive way possible.  Their focus is on products that deliver both clinical and economic benefits to both patients and hospitals.

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