Five healthy breakfast smoothies

Our Specialist Dietitian, Nichola Ludlam-Raine, shares the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast and some super quick healthy smoothie combinations to try out!

If you’re considering private treatment then you may be wondering what it’s like to stay in a private hospital.

image of dry January

After the indulgences of Christmas and the festive season, January is often a month of repentance, whether that’s to start exercising or eating more healthily or to take part in Dry January and have a break from alcohol.

A roundup of different sports and workouts and how they could increase the risk of hernia, along with ways to reduce the risk.

7 ways to manage stress

Most of us are exposed to stress at one time or another in our lives, whether from work, family, or other responsibilities and circumstances. A little stress can often be beneficial, but when we’re put under too much pressure it has the potential to quickly become a problem.