Following the lifting of restrictions by the Government, we would like to reassure all our patients that the way we interact with you will not be changing. All staff and consultants will continue to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing, and we require our patients and visitors to do the same, so that we are all protected.

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foot and ankle pain

Learn more about foot and ankle pain including home remedies for sprained ankle and ankle pain, surgical treatment and the sources of pain, from Ramsay Health Care.

back and neck pain

The number of people in Britain suffering from back and neck pain has gone up by 12% over the last year.

living with a bunion

Learn about how to live with a bunion including the causes and the treatments required.

physiotherapy benefits

Physiotherapy strengthens muscles and improves function, it is considered one of the most effective treatments for back muscle pain as well as reducing the risk of recurrence.

knee pain depression

A study of over 500 people aged 65 or over in Japan has found that people who have knee osteoarthritis are more likely to suffer from depression.